UMKC It Would Be Better if US Had Universal Health Care System Discussion

Likely argument following the Motivated Sequence:

1. Get Attention: (Grab the attention of the audience appealing to the senses; create a sense of urgency)

2. Establish the Need: (Convince the audience there is a problem.

3. Satisfy the Need: (Introduce and support your solution.

4. Visualize the future: (Describe what the situation will look like if the audience does nothing and/or help them to see the results if they implement your solution.)

5. Action: (What specific action do you want the audience to take as a result of the speech?)

I want to tell all the people about how universal healthcare system works and what are the benefits and tell what are the issues in present healthcare system.

I have found the following articles to support my position (Include author, publication, date)






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