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HA255: Human Resources for Healthcare Organizations

Topic 1: Chapter 13: “Case Analysis – Competitiveness of Benefits”

Regional Hospital, a 400-bed community hospital, was struggling with recruitment and retention issues. These issues were occurring in spite of area labor statistics that indicated that there was a sufficient supply of skilled healthcare workers to meet their needs.

Regional’s HR director undertook a comprehensive analysis of the recruitment and retention issues with the support of the board and senior management of the hospital. The HR director utilized information from a recent employee satisfaction survey and exit interviews. From those sources she learned the following:

  • Current employees believed that Regional’s benefit program was not competitive in comparison to other hospitals and companies in the area.
  • For the employees who voluntarily re-signed from Regional in the last 12 months, benefit issues were critical. They reported receiving employment offers that included: lower healthcare insurance premiums, employer-paid dental insurance, higher accruals on paid time off, and sign-on bonuses.
  • Regional’s healthcare competitors were aware of Regional’s less-competitive benefits package and would aggressively recruit Regional employees, noting the differences when interviewing Regional employees.


1. Given the findings from the HR director, what additional benefits plans should be considered by Regional Hospital?

2. What would be the advantages and disadvantages to increasing the competitiveness of the benefits plan at Regional Hospital?


It should be in any organization for best intrigued to see out for their employees with benefits plans. After doing a few inquire about community hospitals offer several benefits. The benefits they should offer are medical, dental, vision, time-off, and retirement. The benefits a normal community clinic offers are health and wellness, insurance plans, work programs, reserve funds & back, and instruction benefits. When the hospital offers good benefits, it keeps the employee happy and wants them to stay in their job. Then there is some job that don’t offer benefits, such as, paid vacation, PTO, sick leave. When they don’t offer these kinds of benefits it makes the employees go look for another job.  Another problem the community has is the pay some offer salary, and some offer hourly. Some employees rather get paid hourly for the reason they get paid for the hours they work and get paid time and a half for overtime. If the community wants to make the employees they should consider to offer good benefits to make it worth their while.

One advantage of a great benefits bundle is that it makes a difference hold competent representatives. One disadvantage is the more benefits a commerce offers, the more it must pay for administrative overhead. By having an extraordinary benefits bundle at Region Hospital center, it seems to draw in parcels of potential workers.!/4/22/12/6/2/14/2/2@0:53.7

Suzannne Holt


Hello everyone,

The Regional Hospital should look at their benefit packages that they offer for their employees and reflect it with the competitor’s packages that are driving the employees to change facilities. The benefit packages offered influence employees decision for which organization they want to work for. The Regional Hospital could change their way for accrual of paid time off based on how long an employee has worked at the organization. Numerous times, I have seen a sign on bonus to intrigue potential employees. The organization could adjust wages yearly by a percentage and they could do it based on if the employee has ever been reprimanded. Paying for continuing education would benefit the company tremendously which would help the quality of patient care but also grow the current employees.

   The advantages to increasing the competitive of the benefits plan at Regional Hospital could increase retention for staff. It could create a good working environment. The disadvantage would be the potential of losing them regardless because the motion could not be enough especially if the employee has already been seeking out other avenues.


Flynn, W. J. Healthcare Human Resource Management. [Purdue University Global Bookshelf]. Retrieved from

Marissa Stockwell

HI135: Legal Aspects of Health Information

Topic: Legal Process Part II

Perform an Internet search to find legal cases related to HIPAA violations reported in the news. Discuss what occurred and, if applicable, how the situation could have been handled differently based on your understanding from the course readings.


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services created and issued the HIPPA Privacy Rule to address the use and disclosure of individuals protected health information. This rule applies to healthcare plans, healthcare clearinghouses, and to any healthcare provider that transmits private healthcare information via electronic form. The major goal of the Privacy Rule is to ensure that personal health information is protected but allowing the course of the health information needed to provide quality care. The rule gives patients the rights to view, obtain a copy of, and to regulate to who and what information is shared. If a patient’s health care information is breached, they are to be notified by the use of telephone, letter, email, or in person. The notification is to include when happened, what information was disclosed, and the ways it will be corrected.

Affinity Health Plan, a New York based managed care plan, has settled with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for the sum of $1.2 million after a photocopier containing patient information was compromised. Affinity filed a breach report on April 15, 2010 after a photocopier was sold to CBS Evening News was said to have contained an estimated 344,579 individual’s health information that was stored on its hard drive. It was determined that Affinity unintentionally disclosed the protected healthcare information when the copiers were returned to the leasing company before the hard drives were erased. Further investigation revealed that Affinity failed to implement policies and procedures before the return of the photocopiers. In addition to the monetary settlement, also includes a corrective action plan the requires Affinity to retrieve all hard drives that were in the photocopiers previously leased and to take certain measures to safeguard all personal health information.

The breach could have been prevented if Affinity had in place policies and procedures and incorporated the electronic protected health information policy to wipe all hard drives of patient information prior to the copiers leaving its primary location and before being returned to the leasing company.


U.S. Department of HHS. (2003, May.) Health Information Privacy. Retrieved from:

Miliard, M. (2013, August 14). At $1.2 Photocopy Breach Proves Costly. Retrieved

Heather Pickard


Link used for Research

           This article talks about the list of HIPAA violations that occurred in Aperion Nursing home facilities across Illinois.  We have several Aperion facilities in my hometown (Galesburg, Illinois) and elsewhere throughout Illinois and other states.  But this article focuses on HIPAA violations that occurred in Illinois only.  Throughout the 34 Illinois Aperion Facilities they have reported $366,800.00 in fines according to various HIPAA violations respectively.  Listed below are a few occurrences (not all occurrences are mentioned in this article)

List of occurrences and fines

Death of Patient at Forest Park location – $50,000.00 fine

Death of 2nd Patient at Forest Park location – $50,000.00 fine

Death of Patient at Springfield location – $25,000.00 fine

Escape of a patient and death of another patient at East Moline location – $75,000.00 fine

Other occurrences and fines at various locations (unmentioned) – $166,800.00 in various amounts of fines

When we think about what we could have done to prevent these occurrences, a few things come to mind.  I will give an example to a few occurrences, not all of them.  The death of the first patient at Forest Park location was due to a patient with dementia was found dead in a river after he walked out of the facility he was living at.  They should have had preventives in place, doors could have been locked, the patient due to having dementia should have had a bracelet that sets off an alarm if he walks outside of the facility.   The death of the patient at the Springfield facility was due to an patient received too much insulin as the nursing staff did not test his blood sugar, his family had to consent taking him off of ventilator as revival was not possible.  There should have been protocols in place and the nursing staff should have been aware of procedures, test his blood sugar before administrating insulin.  They should have documented if they have already given him insulin prior to the incident that resulted in his death.  These preventives that I mentioned for these two occurrences are some examples that we should consider as to prevent any future occurrences and avoid HIPAA violations and fines.    


Matthew Rice


Hayden, S., Enright, M. (2020, January 23). History Of Harm: Aperion Fined $367K In 2019 Just In Illinois. Retrieved from

Matthew Rice

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