KSU The Basics and Physiology of The Respiratory System Discussion

The first question I want to be solved in detail with references

As for the rest of the questions, I want a short answer according to the question and without references.i want it in word form

1-How they measure intrapleural pressure, and why they measure?

2-Why may a throat infection lead to a middle- ear infection (otitis media)?

3-Foreign material aspirated into the trachea is more likely to enter which main bronchus? Why?

4-Can in-line suction catheters cause risk for ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP)?

5-PT with ETT size 6 what will be his recommended section tube?

6-What is the recommended set of Negative pressures of infants?

7-Is it recommended to use normal saline to evacuate the secretion and why?

8-What is the recommended suction time to the patients?

9-Is it recommended to hyper-oxygenated before suctioning and why?

10-List in details the complications and Adverse Responses of suctioning patients of endotracheal suctioning?

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