HMGT 310 Week 4 Role of Employer Sponsored Health Insurance Discussion

Part One


Describe the role of Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance (ESHI). Include a discussion on the impact of ESHI on the uninsured population in the U.S. and any relevant statistics. Discuss any barriers to ESHI, including access to health services. 


Discuss the role of ESHI after healthcare reform. Provide details on how employers changed their approach to healthcare insurance offerings after ACA implementation. What compensatory mechanisms/programs were introduced to offset the health care access barriers? You may also discuss any current policy news that may facilitate or increase access to ESHI.

Be sure to cite sources in APA format.

Part two


Analyze policies related to healthcare management

Build on Assignment #1. You will cover the same health problem (Tobacco dependency threatens the health of many Americans and it poses a preventable burden to the health care system) and the same policy. Some remedial action on Assignment #1 may be required for students to proceed to Assignment #2. Complete the assignment using the table format provided below. Except for titles, narrative format is expected with complete sentences. The table should be single spaced and a maximum of two and a half (2.5) pages. Also include a cover page and a reference page in APA Format (these do not count toward the page limit). Except in the case of titles, use complete sentences, i.e. write using narrative format. No more than 15% of direct quotes or paraphrasing are permitted in the document. Review the bolded text in the Class Guidelines section of the syllabus above for formatting requirements.


HGMT 310 Assignment #2


Student Name:

Type your name here.


Assignment #2 Title:

Provide a unique short name of your assignment   submission and official title of the federal policy or legislation.



Identify the federal (or state agency if the federal law   places this on the states) and subunit (such as a department, bureau or   office) responsible for implementing (putting it into effect) the policy. If   multiple agencies are involved, indicate the roles and responsibilities of   each.

Describe how the legislation is implemented? Any   programs implemented as a result of the policy or law? Are local public   health departments involved? Are collaborating organizations engaged to   achieve the aims of the policy? Are citizen¬ís involved? Are health provider   organizations involved? Are grants awarded to organizations to execute the   policy (i.e. FDA, CDC, etc.)?



What federal (or state agency if the federal law places   this on the states) is responsible for enforcement? If multiple agencies are   involved, indicate the roles and responsibilities of each.

What are the key areas for enforcement? How will   compliance be measured, if at all? What penalties will be assessed, if any?


Impact on Health Care Organizations:

What should a Health Care Administrator know about this   legislation and its related implementation? Does the implementation of this   policy impact how Health Care Administrators deliver services? Include five   bullets of how this federal legislation impacts health care organizations   operating in your home state.  How   would the Health Care Administrator ensure compliance?



What internet resources are available to health   organizations to find updates on programs implemented as a result of the   policy you described?…


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