Exercise Queston

Assignment 1: Executive Memo Due by Sunday, Midnight of Week 3 You are the CEO of a Healthcare organization. The patient satisfaction data, as measured by the Press-Ganey survey, shows most patients who have received care at your hospital would not recommend the facility to friends and family, and the patients’ overall rating of the organization is mediocre at best. Your top focus as CEO is to build a superior patient experience. Your Assignment: Based on your reading of the Service Fanatics textbook, including the best practices shared in the book, draft a 2 to 3 page Executive Memo, to be distributed to all staff and members of your organization. Be sure your Memo includes the following: 1. Clear and concise outline of the strategy for improving the patient experience 2. Tactics to be used to drive the strategy 3. Description of how all staff can participate in putting “Patients First” 4. Call to Action, with a Statement about how success will be measured 

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