CUNY Lehman College Health & Medical Paper

The issue I choose was- Maternal Health

This assignment asks that you research disparities and/or disproportionalities selecting one of the issues listed under Unit III of the syllabus since macro issues impact individual development. At the root of many disparities, systemic racism and structural oppression inform the experiences of people who have been marginalized.

Answer the following questions separately in a 3-page paper (APA style, 7th edition) plus cover and reference pages. Include an introduction and conclusion in your paper. Your answers to the questions should be supported by reference to sources:

  1. Define the issue and provide information on the prevalence of it on a local and national level. Use statistical and other data to support your statements.
  2. Discuss who is affected and explain how they are affected.
  3. Identify and discuss the efforts made to address these disparities/disproportionalities and the unintended results when they are not addressed.

The issue is: Maternal Health


  3. (page 119 to 123)

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