Kean University Choice of Design Essay

Choice of Design

For your research proposal on a health and wellness concern, you may choose qualitative, quantitative, or a mixed-methods design/method.

  • Create a 1- to 2-page Word document (not including the title and references pages) for your response. Use APA format for citations.
  • Create a title page and references page in APA format.
  • Follow the directions to complete the assignment.

Step 1. In one page or less, describe the method you will use for your research proposal.

  • Why is this method appropriate to the proposed study?
  • How will your data collection plan support this method?

Step 2. Compose a conclusion for your research proposal.

Step 3. Update the references page you began in Module 1.

Step 4. Assemble your Module 2 and Module 3 research proposal components for submission in the following sequence:

  • Research Method
  • Data Collection Plan
  • Conclusion
  • References

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