Asthma Presentation

Multisystem issues are often a consequence of a failing body system and identification and consideration to determine the underlying cause of illness is essential. Though illness may create multisystem issues and may affect many body systems, for this assignment you will focus on three: renal, pulmonary, and circulatory systems.

This PowerPoint® (Microsoft Office) presentation should be a minimum of 20 slides, include a title and reference slide, and detailed speaker notes on all content slides. You will discuss a specific illness, disorder or disease and the interrelationship with the renal, pulmonary, and circulatory systems, specifically identifying and describing how an alternation in one system may affect one or more of other two body systems. Explain how the body tries to compensate for a disorder, with assistance or reliance on another body system. Your submission should include three graphics or illustrations and a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed sources to support any of your perspective

Renal diseases: (kidney diseases, Anemia, or end stage renal disease, pyelonephritis, kidney stones, urinary tract infections (UTI),)

Pulmonary disease: (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD, pulmonary embolism, acute or chronic bronchitis, asthma):

Circulatory system diseases: (Atherosclerosis, congenial heart disease, or hypertension or hypotension)

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