Week 7 Discussion: CDC Wonder (graded

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of Informatics and Surveillance website contains a number of resources nurses could innovatively incorporate in care delivery. The CDC Wonder site could be utilized by nurses in a number of ways. https://wonder.cdc.gov/Links to an external site.

For this discussion you will:

Identify one of the resources at the CDC Wonder site above and describe how a nurse might use this information in practice.

How might nurses utilizing telehealth benefit from these resources?

Address what you find innovative about the link.

Feel free to share some of your nursing innovation ideas!

I will also need one replay tp tow classmates I am attaching their answer below

  • Tacara:The Center for Disease Control (CDC) Wonder site has resources that nurses can access. The preventative guidelines are the one tool available to nurses. The prevention measures can aid in preventing illnesses, impairments, and injuries(CDC, 2022). On the CDC Wonder website, nurses can practice protocols for disaster response, immunizations for diseases that can be prevented, and STD prevention, among other medical paradigms. The CDC Wonder site is a valuable resource that can be used to inform patients about various illnesses as well as to stop the spread of specific diseases.
  • The CDC’s wonderful tools are helpful for nurses who use telehealth since they offer statistics on US health-related issues. Telehealth is seeing a steady surge in the use of innovative care delivery methods. Mobile devices, applications, and electronic medical records all have data transmission and health monitoring features (Fronczek et al., 2017). Nurses can provide reliable results on delivery methods by using the telehealth statistical information on the CDC wonder site. Through the utilization of technology, telehealth connects patients and nurses to provide healthcare services. Telehealth should be supported because it offers a chance to operationalize compassionate behaviors that follow nursing principles.
  • The most innovative matrix in the CDC wonder link is the statistical analytics and data found. The data reveals justifications for acting in a systemic manner. For instance, the CDC evaluates the influenza data for 122 cities throughout the United States. Nursing innovative ideas may include Smart bed technology which offers nurses a fixed in-room monitor that keeps them informed of the activities of a patient on a regular basis. Another idea is the Automated IV pumps that aid in controlling the dosages and drips given to patients. They can also be used to change medication doses and drips, which is advantageous as it eliminates human error elements.
  • Sarmila:Hello Class,  

identify one of the resources at the CDC Wonder site above and describe how a nurse might use this information in practice.

WONDER Online Databases -Cancer Statistics. Cancer Statistics tell us things such as how many people are diagnosed with and lost life from cancer each year, the number of people who are currently living after a cancer diagnosis, the average age at diagnosis, and the numbers of people who are still alive at a given time after diagnosis. This therefore creates an awareness about the health risk of cancer, its cause and symptoms through analyzing its data.

How might nurses utilizing telehealth benefit from these resources?

The whole health care system will benefit by Telehealth methods by being able to increase the number of cancer patients’ data while decreasing the number of clinicians needed for those patients. The health care system has an even greater reduction in costs as timelier access to doctors and nurses reduces inefficiencies in overall care of such patients.

What I found innovative about the link is that CDC WONDER adds value to a partner’s ability to come up with innovative data analysis and delivery. The system’s application programming interface (API) and shared public domain software allow others to access statistical data for their own applications and develop their own online databases for data analysis.

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