University of Kentucky UK HealthCare Organizational Analysis Essay

Drawing from your prior CLM course work, you will perform an organizational analysis of your practicum site.  The analysis will include examination of the mission, customer/patient populations, organizational chart, strategic plan, goals and objectives, SWOT Analysis, leadership style, quality and safety initiatives, policies and procedures, and financial position of your practicum site, and the role of your department.

The analysis will be written in essay format of 5-7 pages (including cover) using APA style.  An abstract, cover page, and resources section are required. 

Your analysis will include the following:

Mission – A presentation of your organization’s mission and discussion about how it serves the community.

Customer/Patient Populations – discussion about the populations your organization serves.

  • Strategic Plan, Goals and Objectives – Provide a written narrative that includes discussion about the strategic plan, goals, and objectives of the organization.

SWOT Analysis – conduct a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis using the information you have gathered about your organization.

  • Organizational Chart – a diagram plus narrative discussion describing the organization.

Leadership Style – describe and discuss the leadership style of your organization.

  • Quality and Safety Initiatives – describe and discuss key quality and safety initiatives.

Policies and Procedures – describe and discuss the process used for development of policies and procedures at your organization. What are some of the policies and procedures you’ve reviewed and used?  What are some of the new p and p’s?  What are some p and p’s that need to be developed at your organization?

  • Financial Position – Review your organization’s financial position. Analyze and evaluate your findings.  Describe and discuss how the organization is performing.

Department Role – Discuss the department you are working in. How does it fit into the larger organization? 

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