Texas Southern University Nutrition Worksheet

  1. Choose three (3) of the following “clients”.
  2. For each client that you choose;



Write out a detailed WEEKLY fitness and conditioning schedule for them. Be sure to include the following;

i. specific exercises, warm up & cool down, benefits of the exercises specific to each client, number of reps or cycles, type of exercise, types of machines or weights required, overall goal to achieve from the fitness schedule, muscles targeted.

Write out, in detail, a diet plan for each client. Be sure to include;
i. number of meals per day, food to cook/ prepare, additional dietary

supplements needed, average caloric intake, benefits of this diet plan,

purpose of the diet plan, water intake.


Each clients fitness/ conditioning program and diet plan should cover a 2-week span.

Client Details (choose three (3)):
• 25-year-old, male football player recovering from a strained quadricep.
• 30-year-old, female ex-yoga instructor suffering from anorexia.
• 15-year-old, male, 5’2”, 215lb, student with a sedentary lifestyle
• 70-year-old, male, low iron, moderately active.
• 50-year-old, female, recovering from a sprained ankle, slightly overweight
• 35-year-old, male seeking to gain muscle for fitness competition, highly active
• 30-year-old, female seeking to build lean muscle for personal health, moderately active

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