Professional Developmental Plan Discussion

Dear Freelancer, please create a presentation of 10 slides with around 100 speaker notes for each slide and complete the 1-page Professional Development Plan template attached.


Complete the Professional Development Plan template and include it in the PPT presentation as one of your slides. Clearly and thoroughly discuss your personal assessment as identified in each column of the template. What are your goals?• Short-term goals (STG). This is a goal that is designed to be completed in a short period of time. Typically STG spans a few days or a few weeks and never lasts longer than six (6) months. A minimum of two (2) STGs are required.• Long-term goals (LTG) span longer periods of time and can take six (6) months or longer to complete/achieve. A minimum of two (2) LTGs are required. Identify specific career goals. Divide them into individual more manageable steps. Identify key skills needed for each one of your goals. Identify areas of improvement needed. What skills and/or characteristics do you need to work on? Identify actions you will take to improve those skills/characteristics in order to meet yourSTGs and LTGs. What training and education opportunities are you going to take advantage of? 

I am going to be a nurse on the burn unit if that will help. I applied at Baton Rouge General Burn Unit, I’m currently a Nurse Intern at Baton Rouge General burn unit, I aspire to be ACLS and ABLS certified. My ultimate goal is to become a nurse practitioner and open an outpatient burn clinic 

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