Presentation & Procedure Mapping on Radical Cystectomy

TOPIC: Radical Cystectomy with ileal conduit for male patient. 

a) For the slides,  explain the anatomy, diagnosis, and pathology, the procedure part.  Use the book for the main information, and use other credible academic sources. Clinical educators may be able to offer preference cards w/o patient data.  A reference slide should be included.  The last slide should have three multiple choice questions related to your presentation, that you will use to engage an active conversation with your audience.

b)  Each student will create and distribute teaching materials in the form of a Procedure Map, Preference Card and/or any other method selected by the student. Hint: A Procedure Mapping template is attached; however, creativity maximum points will be awarded for creativity and uniqueness. This assignment is important for providing the information on each procedure for your classmates  

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