Pharmaceutical Industry Questions

Should the United States Congress continue to allow DTCA in the pharmaceutical industry?

FOR: You will be arguing that the US should allow DTCA in the pharmaceutical industry.

summarize the key issues, provide background, and acknowledge both side of the debate. Provide evidence/facts and your opinion as to why you are recommending that the Senate take certain action on this policy.

Here is a little background of this assignment,

Direct-to-consumer advertising (DTC Advertising) refers to the direct marketing of pharmaceutical products to patients, rather than to healthcare professionals. Every developed nation in the world, with the exception of New Zealand and the United States, has banned direct advertising of pharmaceuticals to consumers.

Amongst other arguments, the US drug industry says that DTCA advertising helps “educate” consumers of potential conditions and encourages them to see their doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Amongst other arguments, critics say that DTCA results in over-diagnosis of a condition, inappropriate use of prescription drugs, and inflated prices of US pharmaceutical drugs. As a result, DTCA unnecessarily drives up the overall cost of healthcare without necessarily improving the health of those treated.

Describe direct-to-consumer-advertising in the pharmaceutical industry, its legislative history, and its overall impact. What are the ethical and regulatory concerns regarding DTC advertising? Should the United States Congress continue to allow DTCA in the pharmaceutical industry?

Please review material and let me know if you have any questions. Use APA citation. 3-4 pages. Thanks!

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