MHA542 Leading with Authenticity in the Health Sector

Leadership Challenges Discussion

Read the articles provided in this week’s resources:…

Finding Your True North: A Personal Guide

Book Cover Image

Complete the following:

Select 1 or 2 health care leadership challenges and map which leadership functions (operational, entrepreneurial, or enabling) can be used to address them.

Brainstorm how complex leadership strategies may be leveraged to address one or more of these challenges.

Consider what conflict issues may arise through implementing these strategies and how this may affect personal and professional relationships.

Write a brief proposal for how you would implement a specific strategy to address one of the leadership challenges you selected. Include how you would also address any conflict as part of your strategy.

Post your proposal to your group by Thursday.

Cite any sources you use according to APA guidelines.

Format your sources according to APA guidelines.

discuss each member’s proposed strategy for addressing their chosen leadership challenge. In your discussion:

  • Offer constructive feedback on their proposal and solicit any additional information you believe would be helpful in working through the selected challenge.

Consider what other strategies may be effective in dealing with the issue.

  • Think through additional possible issues, including conflict management, that may arise from implementing this strategy and discuss how best to handle them.

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