Los Angeles Southwest College Health & Medical Safe Sex Flyer

Health 11 Public Service AnnouncementCreate A Public Service Announcement Contest | Manhasset Press

PSA-Refer to your syllabus-Links to an external site.
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Instructions: Create an Original Flyer. Once you create your flier, Upload and submit the flier to the Discussion titled ( PSA). You can then review 2 peers and make favorable comments on why you agree with the topics and any positive suggestions you would like to comment on regarding the Flier.

Create a colored flier PSA ( Public Service Announcement). Ex. Click-it or ticket.

The flyer must contain all the following:

  1. Picture(s),

2..Why your topic is important.

3. How does it service or influence the community?

4.Statistical data( 4 sources)

5. Message to your audience to your PSA audience regarding encouragement, or refraining.

Choose a topic from below.

  1. Hand Washing Importance
  2. COVID ( Corona Virus)Precautions

3. Safe Sex/Sexual Communication

4. Avoiding Drug Abuse, Fentanyl epidemic

5. Drinking Responsibly

6. Suicide

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