HSC 4910 St Petersburg College Professional Networking Discussion

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Diana Gonzalez- Professional networking involves building and maintaining relationships within and outside the career field. This practice improves knowledge and skills, enhances growth, and grants access to an insider view. This will be helpful in creating the path I will follow to attain my set goals (Hunt, 2021). Operational, strategic, and personal connections will be integral to my advancement as a health administrator because it will allow me to establish strong working relations and an internal network with practitioners within the organization. As a health administrator, I can join the American Association of Health Administrative Management or the American College of HealthCare Executives as they allow seeing the bigger picture in the profession and conceptualize various licenses integral in enhancing my competency and competitive advantage within the field.

I believe that professional networking entails building relationships that would enhance career growth through certifications, joining professional associations, and continuing education. Getting these certificates will enhance my authenticity, while professional associations will help build ties and improve knowledge on current trends in health administration. Continuing education will guarantee increased learning and network development through active interaction with classmates (Hunt, 2021).

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