General Motors Wellness Programs and Resources Discussion

The company I have chosen to base my work on is General Motors (GM). The assignment answer should be geared towards creating a wellness program for this company.

Read the following Resource:

  • Tufts Associated Health Plans, Inc. (2017). Worksite wellness programs and resources. The Tufts Associated Health Plan website provides a comprehensive guide to wellness program design at the corporate level.

For this week’s discussion you will focus on the development of goals, and the development of measurements that will assess those goals.

Initial post should respond to the following:

1. Develop two specific program goals and provide specific rationale for each.

2. State two ways in which you will measure each goal. These must align!

3. Share what you anticipate to be the obstacles to reaching those goals and how you will get ahead of them.  A successful program will show that goals are being met! 

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