Columbia Southern University Terrorism and Counterterrorism Case Study Questions

I live near atlanta Georgia  where the airport is and the bombing of Olympic 1996 to find way they prevent you can use picture from online 

For the Unit VIII Case Study, you will focus on terrorism and terrorism      prevention in your community. Start by conducting research around your      community/location for examples of mitigation and prevention against terrorism.    When looking for terrorism in your community, consider examples such as an      active shooter threat or actual occurrence or a bomb threat or occurrence. For     example, if you are in the Boston area, consider the Boston Marathon bombing,     prevention methods used in museums, metal detectors, etc. If you are not in an     area where terrorism is a concern, research an area that is, and use online      images.

Take photographs of what you find so that you can show your professor what     your area has done to address the issue of terrorism. If you are unable to find    prevention methods in your community, you may use a nearby community or     research  one. 

Using what you learned about your community and what you learned about past     disasters from this course, write a case study, a minimum of four pages in      length, that addresses the following points.

  • Explain what has been done with regard to mitigation, recovery, and/or                  response efforts within your community or the community you      researched.             Mitigation examples include security, cameras, and      metal detectors.    
  • Explain who conducted these efforts and the vulnerabilities they faced in                  their community, and include the role these individuals or groups        play     with       mitigating, responding, and/or recovering from the    risk.       
  • Research at least one major disaster that resulted due to terrorism.                  Explain the mitigation and recovery efforts. 
  • What can your community, or the community you researched, learn from past                  disasters? 
  • Consider the types of communication that would need to be used in the    event of               a terror attack. Discuss the organiztions that would be    involved,   the       forms     of   media that would be used, and the types    of   communication   that     would   need   to be   provided to the     public.


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