CNUAS Week 1 Health & Medical Donald AB Lindberg Pioneers Discussion

Let’s meet some remarkable people who have trailblazer healthcare history leveraging tech tools!

What if you could design your career and life from some insights shared by health tech leaders? 

Select at least one pioneer from the starter list below. Choose a different person than your classmates.

What characteristics do these pioneers have that you would love to develop more in yourself?  

  • Then, go out on Google, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc., and find/share a current and new-to-you pioneering career opportunity related to health tech leadership. For example, Digital Care Senior Consultant – It is not too late to do pioneering things. So might you create/fund/find a new role – building on the wisdom of people like the following?  Choose to view one video below – or scroll down to read interview transcripts. Look at posts of others first to choose new pioneers versus all sharing the same one. Let’s meet lots of thought leaders! You only need to cover one, yet check out several if you wish. (you can always listen to youtube at 1.25 or 1.5 speed)
  • Don Lindberg –

Edward (Ted) Shortliffe –

Patty Brennen –

Marion Ball –

Don Detmer –

David Bates –

Homer Warner –

Jim Cimino –

Morris Collen –

G. Octo Barnett, MD
Morris F. Collen, MD
Don E. Detmer, MD
Donald A.B. Lindberg, MD
Nina W. Matheson, ML, DSc
Clem McDonald, MD
Homer R. Warner, MD, PhD

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