Six Dimensions of Health Discussion

Using the Six Dimensions of Health (p. 7), create a collage of pictures that represent these six dimensions in your life. For example, physical could show you participating in a sport, emotional could show you being emotional at a friend’s wedding because you are so happy for them, etc.

  • you can create this in Word and then save it as a .pdf before submitting
  • you can create this in PowerPoint and then save it as a .jpg or .pdf
  • you can use a photo program to create it and save it as a .jpg, .gif or .png before submitting
  • with either method, it should be one of the above listed file types so that I am able to open it without special software
  • reduce the image size as much as possible while allowing it to still be clear enough to view (Fotor is an easy, free online photo editing tool)
  • each of your six images in your collage must have text inserted over the image (not to interfere with the image, across the bottom) stating which dimension that image represents
  • all images do not have to be your personal images, you can use them from online sources where they are copyright free (which means, not Google Images). Use Microsoft Images from within the Microsoft tool you are using, Pics4Learning, Creative Commons
  • example attached below, (very basic just to give you a visual–I expect your project to be more specific to you and more creative) created in PPT and saved as a .jpg
  • Submit to the Week 1 Assignment 1 dropbox.

Dimensions of Health Example.jpg

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