ASU Health & Medical Essay

This is a very topical and I am interested in your assessment of the situation and what you think you might have done in response to the information.

The FDA recalled ranitidine (Zantac), a popular and widely used drug to decrease stomach acid. The link to the FDA announcement is attached here:… to an external site. 

There was also a voluntary recall of some widely used blood pressure medications:… to an external site.

For this weeks assignment, do some research on the findings that led up to these recalls. Read some of the press coverage of the issue. Put yourself in the place of the person at FDA who had to make a decision about these drugs and describe the process you would go through in order to make that decision. Then write about your findings, how you would have handled the data as it came in, and what you think of the decisions that were made and what steps might have prevented these issues. Again, address all three of these issues.Please review the following website:

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