Walden University Employee Retention Discussion

Discussion: Employee Retention

It is likely that you or someone you know has had unpleasant experiences with a particular job, business, or company. Dissatisfaction may have come about because of work environment, coworkers, wages, management, or other factors. Worker dissatisfaction and morale is a key concern of an organization’s HR department. HR professionals should be familiar with the various needs and challenges of a diverse workforce to identify ways to address those concerns.

Human, financial, and time resources need to be planned and managed wisely by an organization’s leadership. Financial, legal, and ethical factors influence the HR professionals’ ability to provide compensation and benefits, mediate disputes, and otherwise aid in employee retention. An unwise management of resources may lead to employee discouragement, loss of motivation, and decreased productivity (Zeuch, 2016). One of the most important challenges faced by healthcare HR departments is developing innovative strategies for retaining employees (Fried & Fottler, 2015).

In this Discussion, you will search for a healthcare position (or use one you previously identified) and analyze the compensation and benefits offered for the position. Then, you will recommend improvements to the benefits package. Finally, you will identify positive outcomes for improving employee morale and retention and strategies to address employees who are feeling unmotivated.

Zeuch, M. (Ed.). (2016). Handbook of human resources management. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag

Fried, B. J. & Fottler, M. D. (Eds.). (2015). Human resources for healthcare managing for success. Chicago, Illinois: Health Administration Press.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Review Chapter 8 of the McConnell textbook.
  • Review the media Good Samaritan Hospital Organizational Chart—Week 4: Retention, Compensation, and Benefits found in this week’s Resources.
  • Search for a healthcare position and analyze the job description. The job description you choose should include compensation and benefits information. You can find a healthcare position on the website of one of your local healthcare organizations or through one of the following online job search websites:

By Day 4

Post a comprehensive response to the following:

  • Provide the title and a brief summary of the healthcare job description you have chosen.
  • Identify the basic compensation offered.
  • Describe the full benefits package offered by the company.
  • Propose two to three improvements to the benefits package.
  • Identify two positive outcomes for improving employee morale and retention. Support your suggestions with reputable resources.
  • Provide two incentives that might attract job candidates.
  • Recommend at least two strategies you might use to address an employee who is feeling unmotivated after one year of service. Explain why you think these strategies will help.

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