Onondaga Community College Health Information Management Memo

1)You are the recently hired health information manager for a large physician group practice. You are reviewing policies and procedures related to e-Discovery and notice that there is no mention of a policy related to back-up media. You contact the information technology manager who says she tried to address this issue a year ago, but the prior HIM manager did not feel it was important, stating it was covered under HIM policies related to retention and destruction. You decide to hold a meeting in reintroduce the topic.

Write me a memo as the practice administrator,

1. Determine who should take part in the meeting

2. Assume that you will get pushback for addressing this issue again. Offer insight to the group on why this topic must be addressed.


AHIMA. 2013. E- Discovery Litigation and Regulatory Investigation Response Planning: Crucial Components of Your Organization’s Information and Data Governance Processes. Journal of
AHIMA 84(11): expanded web version.

Brodnik, M. S., L. A. Rinehart-Thompson, and R. B. Reynolds. 2012. Fundamentals of Law for Health Informatics and Information Management, 2nd ed., revised reprint. Chicago: AHIMA.

part 2: You are the HIM director (congratulations!) at a brand new long-term care facility. You are working with IT to develop authentication access controls for your staff which will consist of two coders, one scanner tech, one chart analyzer, one clerk who will handle release of information and incomplete records, and three transcriptionists.

Write a memo to me, as the administrator, outlining the following:

1. Analyze the three different types of access controls noting the differences,

2. Recommend and explain which type of access control to assign to each staff member

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