OM003: Patient Experience and Culturally Sensitive, Patient-Centered Care

Read the “Memorial Hospital Patient Experience Scenario”. Then, complete the following:

  • Patient Experience, Improvement Tools, and Culturally Sensitive, Patient-Centered Care
    • Develop a white paper that proposes a high-reliability quality program that will address the issues identified in the scenario. (7–10 pages)
    • Your white paper should include:
      • A justification for why the hospital needs to create a high-reliability quality program.
      • Description of five elements of the patient experience to be targeted for improvement related to quality, safety, and overall satisfaction in the hospital.
      • Recommendations for five potential resources that could be utilized for improving or maintaining safety, quality, and the overall patient experience and explanations of why these resources would be of value.
      • A recommendation for three improvement tools (i.e., Lean Management and Six Sigma) that will be used in the high-reliability quality program.
      • An explanation for why a culturally sensitive program is important for patient-centered care and two ways the high-reliability quality program can meet this need. 

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