LACC Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Presentation

Sharing Experiences in Quality/Patient Safety!

Exploring these concepts in more depth and sharing what we have learned from these efforts with our colleagues will enhance our learning related to our future roles as leaders in Quality and Patient Safety.

Include the following:

Using the list found below, choose a topic to address.

Using the topic chosen, create a paper that first, describes an overview of the topic and explains why you chose this area of interest.

Once you have completed the above, choose an organization that exemplifies a successful approach to the topic you have chosen. Share concrete examples of how they have successfully addressed the topic.

Identify the one practice that you believe is most valuable to the success of the organization which you would like to experience in your own organization or put into practice in the future.

Lastly,  identify the lessons learned from your research into the topic and the success of this organization.

  1. Choose One Topic From Below:

IOM: What is the IOM’s role in quality/patient safety, and what is the value that the IOM provides to healthcare quality/patient safety?  Site an organization that has adopted the key concepts of the IOM, with examples to show their actions.

  1. Baldridge Award: What it is, what is required to achieve the award and the organizational advantages of this achievement?  Identify a healthcare organization that has won the Baldrige Award and give examples of how they exemplify these criteria.

Variation has been described as the single biggest threat to healthcare quality. Discuss variation, how it impacts quality and how to reduce and/or control variation both clinically and operationally.  Give an example of an organization who has addressed this successfully and the actions that they have taken to accomplish this.

  1. Describe the impact of use of technology and clinical information systems on healthcare quality/patient safety.  Address the impact to operations, measurement and sustainability of the quality process.  Give an example of an organization that has addressed this successfully and examples that exemplify their actions.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) One of the key drivers for the improvement of quality and safety in the U.S. is the AHRQ.  Provide an overview of the organization and their key accomplishments.  What are the five most important actions the AHRQ has taken to improve the quality and safety of the care we provide to our patients?

High Reliability Organizations:  Describe the characteristics of a high reliable organization.  Identify an organization that is known for their high reliability and give examples of how they have “hardwired” this concept.

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