Health Organization Disaster Planning And Response Strategy Presentation

Define ACSM/PAG in terms of days per week: (1pt) it recommends 20 minutes of aerobic activity 3 days per week

Define ACSM/PAG in terms of # of exercises: (1pt) 8-10 resistance exercises to train major muscles 

Define ACSM/PAG in terms of # of sets: (1pt) 1 set per week

Define ACSM/PAG in terms of # of reps: (1pt) a set having 8-12 repetitions of major muscle exercise per week

Define an appropriate starting intensity for week one and the 5-week progression goal based on your clients Fitness Level and experience expressed as % of 1 Repetition Maximum (%1RM). (1pt)

35% of 1RM

Calculate the appropriate starting weight for Leg Press based on the %1RM you defined: (1pt)

255 x .35 = 90

Calculate appropriate starting weight for Chest Press based on %1RM you defined: (1pt)

200 x .35 = 70

Define and describe Resistance Exercises you will use: (5pts)

Please note you must include at least 2 exercises for Power.  Please indicate these exercises with an asterisk (*).   

Exercise Name Primary Muscle Group(s) Used

Squats * Hamistrings, Quads, and Calfs 

Leg extensions  Quads 

Leg curls  Hamstrings 

Calf extensions  Calves 

Deadlift* Lower body muscles

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