Health & Medical HIV Containment Measures Essay

Instructions: The objective of this reflective essay is to document current disease related events and consider their impact on culture and society. Consider how this information regarding the HIV virus or AIDS disease impacts you, your family, community, state, country, or our world.

  • Locate two articles from the HIV/AIDS featured disease section of the NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) website.
  • Information can be gathered from the left-hand drop-down list on Vaccine Development, Prevention, Treatment, Cure or Latest News Releases or NIAID Now Blog sections of this main page.
  • Then, craft an essay reflecting on these articles. As you think about writing, consider the following questions to help shape your ideas:
    1. What are the key points in the articles?
    2. Do the articles share connecting themes? Or are they very different and contrasting?
    3. What made you select these articles?
    4. Did anything in particular stand out to you? (most powerful point, interesting takeaway, something that seemed confusing or poorly expressed, something that might need further research, etc.)

Remember to include at least two reference citations and proofread your work. The essay should be about 3-5 paragraphs to summarize key details and explain the cultural or societal connection of interest. The intent is to expand your knowledge and thoughtfulness through this reflective essay assignment while gaining an understanding of the valuable resources this site can provide.

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