HAS 4700 FIU Medical Assistance in Dying Research Paper

Write 1,500-3,000 words (excluding title and reference pages), double-spaced typed paper on Medical Assistance in Dying and Its Significations.  

The research paper should include the following: 

  • Title Page: Student first and last name, Panther ID number, topic/title, course prefix number, and name (HSA 4700: Quality and Evidence-Based Healthcare Services; Section RVC) and instructor name (Dr. Carol Biggs).
  • Introduction:
  1. Motivation to study this topic(Why this work is important; keep general and cite statements)
  2. Objectives (Goals of this paper)
  3. Organizational overview of the paper (will review 5 research articles etc.).
  • Literature Review:
  1. background information on the topic/title
  2. specific information to assist the reader’s understanding
  3. Identify and explain a minimum of 3 key terms 
  • Analysis Approach (What was done; describe the population/subjects, methods, type of research; statistics used, etc.).
  1. Introduction Paragraph Include database used for literature reviews and inclusion/exclusion criteria for choosing the five original research articles.
  2. Author’s name of each 5 research articles
    1. Aim
    2. Subjects
    3. Methods
    4. Type of Research
  3. Results (What was found)
    1. Author’s name of each 5 research articles
    2. Result of the first major task
  • Discussion (how results contribute to knowledge in the field, e.g. compare results to literature)
  1. Gaps in the research reviewed
  2. Overall strengths and weaknesses of the research articles.
  3. Needed future work in the field.
  • Conclusions.
    1. Summary of objectives and approach of this paper
    2. Major findings of this paper
    3. Important implications of this paper’s findings.
    4. Recommendations based upon the review of these 5 research articles

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