El Cajon Valley High School Physical Education Essay

Write a 250-500 word essay that describes:

  • your current physical condition
  • exercises or sports you currently enjoy participating in
  • your future fitness goals 
  • an exercise plan for two weeks (10 days)
  • an explanation about how your exercise plan will help you achieve your fitness goal

When creating your goals consider:

  • increasing your ability in a particular sport
  • losing weight
  • adding other goals to promote good health

An exercise plan will help you achieve your physical goals. This should NOT be the current activities you have completed for your physical activity log this unit. However, you can use this plan to inform your future activity to help you achieve your physical activity goals.

Your exercise plan should outline the following information for each week:

  • exercises you will complete
  • how long you will complete each exercise
  • the number of repetitions and sets you will complete

When developing an exercise plan, you are working to achieve a goal through targeted activities. So if you want to improve your accuracy throwing a ball, you shouldnÂ’t plan on riding your bike for 10 days. Think about the skills needed to achieve your goals and outline steps for success.

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