Current Topics in Health and Wellness Management Discussion

1.  Open the following Web link from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) :

2.  Choose one Fact Sheet or Brochure, regarding Obesity or Weight Management, to use for your forum discussion.

3. Identify your chosen Fact Sheet or brochure by listing the Fact Sheet’s APA Reference page citation as your first line of your formal initial post.

4. NEXT,  Open the following Web link from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

5. Select a Prevention Strategies & Guidelines publication that is complementary to your chosen Fact Sheet or Brochure and develop a practical way to implement 2-3 strategies and guidelines, through programing (a program or event) in your community.

You are attempting to implement a suggested method of prevention or modification in a “pretend” program in your community.  How would you accomplish this based on your current or future career path? What tools would you need to support your program? Would you need any additional training to be able to implement this program? Discuss any limitations the program may have.  Specifically socioeconomic, cultural, and environmental limitations.

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