Chamberlain University Week 3 social medial discussion

Problems that impact populations are vast and now more than ever social media is getting involved.

  1. Choose one of the following population health problems to focus on:
    1. Substance use and/or abuse
    2. Environmental health (air, water, ground, energy, climate, etc.)
      1. (Links to an external site.) has a wealth of information
    3. Violence
    4. Abuse
  2. Research and share an overview of the current data on this population health problem specific to your community. You must use one (or more) of the resources from the Direct Care Project Part 1: Assessment and Diagnosis assignment. You may choose to find additional outside source(s).
  3. Then take a moment to review the Twitter feed for compelling Tweets that may have an impact on or discuss the population health problem.
  4. Give an overview of any agency, organization, person, or affiliation that is addressing the population health problem.
  5. How could a community health nurse collaborate with the agency, organization, person, or affiliation address the population health problem?
  6. Compose a 280-character or fewer Tweet that describes what you have shared with the class. Remember Twitter only allows 280 characters (this includes spaces, etc.) so you will need to be concise. It should include a hashtag. Include the URL to the reference or Tweet if applicable. Share this Tweet in the discussion.
  7. Note: A Twitter account is not required nor is posting your Tweet on social media.
  8. Your discussion post should look like:
    • Paragraph one: Overview of the current data on this population health problem specific to your community
    • Paragraph two: Overview of any agency, organization, person, or affiliation that is addressing the population health problem
    • Paragraph three: How could a community health nurse collaborate with the agency, organization, person, or affiliation to address the population health problem?
    • Tweet: 280-character or fewer Tweet with hashtag and reference if applicable.
    • Resources: Where did you find your data?
  9. Example Tweet: Your zip code can have more of an impact on your health than your genetic code. Know your stats. #socialdeterminantsofhealth #SDoH #knowyourstats


Happiness: Substance abuse remains a major public health concern in Fort Bend County and the nation in general. Based on the observations and data gathered during my community health assessment, the rate of tobacco use among people aged 12 and older was observed to be on the high side. The annual average prevalence in the county was 28.4% and way above the state (25.9%) and the national (26.8%) averages.

One of the agencies addressing the issue of substance abuse in this county is the Fort Bend Regional Council on Substance Abuse Inc. They specialize in the treatment of alcoholism, opioid addiction, medical detox, intervention center, and substance abuse, youth prevention and leadership development programs, counseling, group and individual therapy. The treatment can be done as outpatient, intensive outpatient, 12-step program, and aftercare support which involves a sustainable plan for recovery.

The CHN can join this agency in their outreach programs to educate families and community members on how to stay safe and tobacco free. This can be done in various institutions of learning to reach the young population during their drug free programs. A study reveals that art messaging programs can have a positive effect on drugs and alcohol abuse (Nyamathi et al, 2012). The CHN can introduce this program which will give them the opportunity to learn, share their experiences, and engage in healthy social networking.

Tweet: Be stronger than your strongest excuse. #Saynotodrugs. (Unknown)


Nyamathi, A; Branson, C; Kennedy, B; Salem, B; Khalilifard, F; Marfisee, M; Getzoff, D; & Leake, B. (2012). Impact of Nursing Intervention on decreasing substances among homeless youth. The American Journal on Addictions, 21(6), 558 – 565.“> to an external site. to an external site.

Sara: Through gathering data for my specific community, in regard to substance abuse I found, first and foremost that my community either met or exceeded the national average in many areas. The percentage for opioid use disorder was twice that of the national average and the misuse of prescription pain reliever was .5 percent over the national average. Although initially, this was alarming to me, it made sense afterwards considering the geographical layout of my community. Heroin, marijuana, and illicit drug use is lower than the national average, which also makes sense considering the rural location of my community. The accessibility and likelihood that illicit drugs would make into a smaller town are smaller than the likelihood that pain medication and opioid abuse would exist (SAMHSA, 2020). With wealthier families and less access to larger areas with higher populations the prevalence of pain relievers only makes sense in a smaller area.

Grand Addiction Recovery Center is facility that offers addiction recovery, mental health crisis, medically supervised detoxification, intensive residential treatment, transitional living, and outpatient services. This facility was established in 1985 and has since then expanded not only its locations but its services offered. They treat both men and women over the age of 18, regardless of their ability to pay, and offer a program that focuses on the brain disease of addiction and co-existing mental health for each patient individually. This program is partially funded by the state of Oklahoma and offers financial assistance to those who qualify (Grand Addiction Recovery Center). It is in the center of Tulsa and is easily assessable by public transportation and is close to many other popular areas of the city.

There are so many ways that a community health nurse could collaborate with Grand to address the opioid problem in our community. Just having knowledge about the outpatient resources Grand has would and offering this information to patients would be a good general collaboration. Grand offers an outpatient group of alumni’s that gather to host fundraisers and fun events for their families and other recovering addicts. A community health nurse could offer her time during one of these events to network and gain information about resources for those in crisis. Being involved in events and networking with other healthcare providers opens doors for patient resources and information available to you that would not have had otherwise.


Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations, You got this. #Recovery #OKImReady #GoGRAND“>


Grand Addiction Recovery Center. (n.d.)“>

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). (2020). Behavioral health barometer, volume 6. to an external site.


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