Capella University Personal Integrity and Ethical Leadership Presentation

Prepare an 8-10 slide PowerPoint presentation for a group of managers. Explain the relationship between personal integrity and ethical leadership, and between ethical leadership and positive organizational outcomes. Explain the ethical principles of autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice and how these principles guide ethical health care leadership practices.


As you prepare for your career, it is important to build a foundational understanding of the basic ethical theories directly related to health care management. It is important to infuse ethical knowledge and principles throughout an organization to effectively address challenging situations in all aspects of management, leadership, strategic planning, and decision making.

You should also understand the relationship between personal value systems and ethical management practice. The concept of moral integrity is a basis for professional actions and leads to positive business outcomes. Of course, there are personal ethical challenges that might present barriers in maintaining long-term, consistent success as a moral leader; therefore, the development of a personal moral compass and ethical bottom line can be useful in guiding your career.

Autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice are examples of the ethical principles most commonly used by health care leaders in organizational management planning, problem-solving, and decision making. Effective managers refer directly to these ethical principles for preventing and resolving issues related to all aspects of business.

While these principles appear to be relatively easy to define, the challenge for health care leaders is in their appropriate application. An effective leader develops knowledge, understanding, and skills in ethical leadership through observation, practice, and reflection on experiences and outcomes. The constant, and often profound, changes in our health care system create continuous learning opportunities to develop moral leadership qualities and skills. Each sector of the health care system presents different needs and situations related to each of the ethical principles, although some applications are universal.


Suppose the health care organization where you work has determined that most employees are unclear about the differences between ethics and morality, and professional ethics and personal ethics. As a mid-level manager, you have been asked to develop and present a lunch-and-learn session on ethics for other managers within the organization.

Review the resources provided and conduct your own search for scholarly and professional resources on ethical principles and theories. Find at least three authoritative resources you can use to support your work on this assessment.

The format for this assessment is an 8–10 slide PowerPoint presentation. Please use the notes section of each slide to expand the points on the slide. Be sure your presentation is appropriate for the audience and presents the required aspects clearly. Follow APA guidelines for any in-text citations and your references. You must include a title slide and a references slide. You do not need to record yourself giving the presentation.


Prepare an 8–10 slide PowerPoint presentation for managers in a health care organization. Include the following:

Explain the relationship between personal moral integrity and ethical leadership in health care. Be sure you also consider how these concepts differ and the role of health care managers in ensuring that ethics are an integral element in their leadership.

Explain the ethical principles of autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, and justice.

  • Explain how these principles guide health care leadership practices.
  • Explain the relationship between ethical health care leadership and positive outcomes for the organization.

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