?Assignment 1: Coping Styles

Assignment 1: Coping Styles

Write a two-page (double-spaced) paper about the following:

1) Consider an area of health you would like to improve. This might be something like eating habits, exercise, stress reduction, smoking, or something similar.

2) Describe your coping styles (two or three). Use the notes in this module called “Module 2 Notes: Coping Styles and Methods of Adaptation”.

3) Consider yourself as both the patient educator and your own client. How would you approach your coping styles as a patient educator in order to teach yourself how to improve the health issue you’re considering? In other words, if you had a client with your exact health issues and with your exact coping styles, how would you approach that client and help him or her improve his or her health behavior?

4) How would you use a family member or close friend in the self-help process?

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