West Coast University Wk 3 Childhood Obesity and Academic Performance Discussions

Discussion Prompt 1: You have specified your topic of interest and defined your research question. Now, it is time to identify two variables that you will be investigating. The first variable is the dependent variable, namely, the outcome of interest that you are studying. The second variable is the independent variable, the variable that you hypothesize is related to the dependent variable, namely, risk factor or protective factor. Example: How does childhood obesity (independent variable) impact academic performance (outcome/dependent variable) in elementary school children?

Find a peer-reviewed (original research) journal article (not a review or a meta-analysis or descriptive report) OR use the same article from last week’s discussion prompt (related to the topic and research question). When you choose your article or website, consider the people you intend to study for your final project. For example, you may choose to survey your adult Facebook friends and therefore you should find a resource that provides information on a population that has similar demographic characteristics. For this discussion, provide the following:

  1. Citation information (the authors, the title of the article, the journal name, issue number, and page numbers)
  2. A link to a copy of the peer-reviewed journal article or the website
  3. Describe the main research question (main hypothesis and goal of the study should be similar to your topic and research question)
  4. Identify main dependent and independent variable
  5. Type of statistical analyses used to test the hypothesis

Discussion Prompt 2: Explain why the results of a presidential election poll can sometimes lead to an inaccurate conclusion about who will win the election. Hint: Chapter 6 should help you understand this.

Discussion Prompt 3:State the research question you have chosen for your signature assignment and discuss it in terms of qualitative and quantitative research. Provide examples of quantitative and qualitative research you have found in the text or your own research.What are the pros and cons of each type of research?Respond to at least two of your classmates’ or instructor’s posts. Provide input on your classmates’ research questions. Which type of research do you think would be most appropriate to answer the question?

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