University of Phoenix Health & Medical Reflective Assessment Task

This is a “Comprehensive Reflective Assessment”. I will be looking at your ability to weave creativity, personal interest and critical persuasive thinking as you create a hypothetical “Letter to the Editor”.

Choose an aspect of health, sexual behavior, orientation, food, nutrition, data, etc. and use it as a “model” or “frame” to illustrate a potential ethical dilemma of your choosing, that could (or has) occur in today’s changing health service industry.

You can use any current trend (changing healthcare, vaccinations, testing, selective health services, etc.) or tool/policy/law from the headlines; or propose one that may still be in the works.

defend your position, develop a written persuasive “point of view”, in the form of a hypothetical “Letter to the Editor” for the fictitious Elm City Times; A large, highly respected newspaper that leaders and policy makers might follow. Address your letters to Mr. Jim Strong, who serves as both the publisher and editor.

  • Discuss in detail using the following outline to model/frame your letter in order to best illustrate your of view;
  • Describe the ethical dilemma or scenario (use any supporting references to identify its realness)
  • Introduce your cultural “model or frame” you are using to illustrate your perspectives.

Explain how it might affect or come into contact with “model”.

Include the following themes or content that relate to the following:

Does ethics, morals or morality change or differ in this cultural setting when compared to other ones (would this be different?)

  1. What contextual challenges could/may exist as a result of this modeling?
  2. Propose how research, public health, medical & care providers could damage or affect community health by not understanding the ethical implications
  3. Provide 2-3 ways that the ethical scenario could be changed to be more in keeping with ethical standards and practice.

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