MHA 5020 Capella University Patient Satisfaction Discussion

  • Choose a framework appropriate for      examining the type of data under investigation. Look at the following for      examples and explain the basis for your choice.
    • For a       compliance project, use the regulations.
    • For an       accrediting assessment, use the standards and site survey criteria.
    • For the       implementation of a new service line, consider using the balanced       scorecard framework.
  • Explain how a project addresses and      adds value to each of the four areas of an organizational balanced scorecard.      (The four areas being, business operations, finance, customer service, and      organizational learning and growth.)
    • Create a       balanced scorecard table similar to the one presented in the Balanced       Scorecard Example, linked in the Resources of this unit.
    • Consider a       strategic, systems perspective as you contemplate value to the       organization and how the project aligns with the organizational mission,       vision, and strategy.
    • Find evidence       to support your assertions and conclusions.
    • Determine what       additional information would strengthen your value proposition.
  • Develop proposed structures (for      example, pie chart, graph, spreadsheet, process map) for the visual      display of summarized raw data.
    • Reflect on       what type of visual display structure will best fit your selected topic.       Although you are just beginning to collect data, you will want to       consider how to display it.
    • Ensure that       your data displays are clear and easily interpreted.
    • Ensure that the       proposed title includes the focus of the data, units of measurement, the       organization’s name, and time frame.

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