Kean University A Qualitative Researcher Discussion

A Qualitative Researcher

In qualitative research, categories, patterns, and themes must be identified to build a theory. As a health educator, you will need to identify the categories, themes, and patterns in the research and determine if the study is sound. In this assignment, you will select and analyze a peer-reviewed qualitative research study in the health and wellness field.

Select a way to present the assignment information. Use the assignment rubric to guide the criteria you use to develop the product.

Cite references page in APA format.

Follow the steps to complete the assignment and submit your final product.

  • Step 1. Choose and introduce a peer-reviewed qualitative study in the health and wellness field.
  • Step 2. In a product of your choice, identify the variables in the study and its categories, patterns, or themes.
  • Step 3. Discuss how the research study took into account reliability and validity and what the results of the study revealed.


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