Joliet Junior College Root Cause Analysis Discussion

Discussion: For this discussion, practice your root-cause analysis skills by completing the Vila Health: Root-Cause Analysis and Safety Improvement Planning activity and address the following:

What happened?

Who detected the problem or event?

Who did the problem or event affect, and how were they affected?

What do you consider to be the two most significant root causes of the problem or event? *attached in the files are pictures of the activity which I have done already, all you have to do is look at them and answer the questions

Topic #1: Write a paragraph that explains the following types of medical imaging: x-rays, ultrasonography, and magnetic resonance imaging. For each imaging type, describe the energy source used to produce the image, how the image is generated, and one advantage and disadvantage for that type of imaging.

Topic #2: For each tumor listed below, identify the tissue of origin, benign v. malignant, and the location.

A. Lipoma

B. Adenoma of the breast

C. Hepatocellular carcinoma

D. Rhabdomyosarcoma

E. Pancreatic adenocarcinoma

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