Indiana Institute of Technology Health & Medical Paper

You are to complete a five-page research paper with an in-depth analysis of a topic directly related the ethical and legal implications of a topic in chapters 16 & 17. Your instructor is looking to determine if you understand the topic and how it will affect your career in this area. Please ensure that you are writing a persuasive paper. For example, if you choose the topic of elective abortion you need to explain from a health care perspective the policy, legal, ethical implications of that decision. Regardless of the topic, you will be required to present a thesis – to take a position and argue in support of that position. A simple summary of the topic or recitation of relevant facts is not sufficient. Effective organization is encouraged- for example Facts of the issue, Laws involved, Position on the issue, and the like.

Potential subjects include physician-assisted suicide, a Dying with Dignity law, Patient Bills of Rights, Abortion, Life Support Removal, choice of care, religion and its place in the medical field, selective vaccination of children, issues within the psychiatric field, and the like. Students must use at least 4 secondary resources.

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