HA 255 Purdue University Evidence Based Human Resource Strategies in The Application of Operation Management Paper

Unit 1 Assignment: Trends and Shortage Analysis

Before you begin your Assignment, watch a brief video introduction.

Journal/Newspaper Analysis Activity: This analysis-based activity will help students apply the concepts of critical thinking to the analysis of source material. Conduct thorough research to find three articles related to trends in the healthcare workforce and causes of workforce shortage. Create an APA formatted Annotated Bibliography for the three articles selected. The Annotated Bibliography should summarize and analyze the articles in your own words. Each article annotation should be at least 150 words and include the article reference in APA format.

Use the following example as a guide for your submission:

Reference: Brewer, R., Joly, B. M., Mason, M., Tews, D., & Thielen, L. (2007, August). Lessons learned from the multistate learning collaborative. Journal of Public Health Management and Practice, 388–394.

Annotation: This article adds to the research regarding public health collaborations by addresses two major concepts. Recent federal incentives demonstrated government support for quality initiatives, prompting coordinated advances in public health quality improvement processes (Brewer, Joly, Mason, Tews, & Thielen, 2007). Best practices in relations to public health practices and achievement of accreditation were developed through guiding principles of engagement and collaboration (Brewer et al., 2007). The case studies titled Building a QI Culture in Minnesota’s Local Public Health Departments and South Carolina’s Application of the Institute of Healthcare Improvement’s Model for QI in Public Health served as process models for future collaborative initiatives. Focus was given to engagement in public health quality improvement activities. This article examined collaborative framework, specific policies and promising future practices in the area of quality improvement in public health. The researchers prompted future research in project sustainability and the development of public health standardized practices for quality improvement.

Review the following Writing Center Writing resources provided below before you begin. Pay close attention to the Sample Citations with Annotations section provided in the Writing an Annotated Bibliography.

Annotated Bibliography


At least one article annotation includes a discussion of evidence-based human resource strategies in the application of operation management. Within this annotation students must identify faulty reasoning and assess assumptions associated with human resource strategies.

At least one article addresses the persistent causes of health workforce shortages at various training levels with a conclusion that formulates inferences and implications based on evidence and sound reasoning.

At least one article includes a discussion of the structural, behavioral, and human resource systems that impact health care organizational outcomes. 

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