Grand Canyon University High Reliability Discussion

please respond to the following discussion post as a peer making a comment. High reliability is a constant progression or an organizational frame of mind, not a definite structure. HROs are organizations with systems established that are remarkably reliable in achieving their objectives and avoiding potentially detrimental errors. Applying high-reliability models in healthcare settings like hospitals is extremely complex. This transpires over a period of time and encompasses several influences, including overall environmental issues, training and oversight of the workforce, developments for planning, implementing, and evaluating fresh initiatives, and detailed work processes occurring on units. A high-reliability outlook views each of these levels as important and as a foundation of opportunities and threats to attaining optimal patient care. (AHRQ, 2008) A culture change originates at the top with strong, involved, organization-wide leadership that emboldens a culture of safety and pursues continuous improvement by applying a robust and transparent learning system.

Effective leadership is the chief component of an HRO, if a high-reliability attitude does not exist among the individuals running an organization, no set of actions or rules will ever yield high reliability. HROs prosper because their leadership takes charge of the culture, engages staff, endorses a culture of safety, and implants continuous learning and improvement practices into every individual within the organization. An organization with a pre-emptive or multiplicative culture must have effective leadership at all levels, affiliated with the objectives of the organization. (Frankel & Leonard, 2021)

Another vital factor of an HRO is continuous learning. HROs share a unique characteristic when it comes to learning: an evident and transparent learning system. An effective learning system must be concise, focused, and reliable. It must also provide for enhancement and measurement in order to learn and mature. A learning system when well developed and initiated, can have measurable positive outcomes throughout the organization. (Frankel & Leonard, 2021)


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