Florida National University Risk Managment Discussion

Review Questions- Always use the APA format for all universityassignments. Please answer all questions in complete sentences.Make sure to add your name to the assignment

CHAPTER 15:Claims Management Issues: The Aftermath of Error

1. What actions should be included when assessing the environment?

2. What early-warning indicators are often provided by the followingdepartments:a. Medical recordsb. Quality Management Departmentc. Billing Officed. Patient Relations Department

3. When establishing a claims file, what data elements should the form contain?

4. When conducting a Risk Management incident review, list the 10 items thatmust be included on the checklist

5. What are the guidelines for medical records review?

6. List the criteria used for the selection and assignment of counsel

CHAPTER 16: Principles for Strategic Discovery

1. What are the specific factors to healthcare defendants in professional-negligence litigation?

2. Define spoliation and give an example

3. Mention examples of materials that are protected from disclosure in aprofessional malpractice lawsuit

4. Mention examples of materials that are NOT protected from disclosure in aprofessional malpractice lawsuit

5. Mention the guidelines of the Sedona Principles.

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