AMS Whether Nursing Students Should Be Vaccinated Against Flu Case Study Responses


first response of my classmate In my opinion, it is an ethical question for whether or not the nursing students should get a flu vaccine. Nurses are responsible to take full care of their patients, with this being said it is crucial that they take this flu shot in order to take care of patients who are immuncomprised. A part of of being a nurse is making sacrifices and I believe that getting a flu shot is one. In this case, the consequence oriented theory applies very well. It states, that choices should be made in regards to what the best outcome is for the patients.


last responseEthics Issue: In this instance I believe that both employees acted in an ethical manner. Both employees looked at the paper with enough focus to recognize what it was, and both made the decision to protect the information. The given information states that Curtis did not stop to look at it because it didn’t occur to him and clearly this was incorrect because he noticed what the paper was, and what information it contained. He still made the correct decision to contact Valerie and convey his concern. Martha, on the other hand, is Valerie’s administrative assistant so it is often her job to help with various paperwork. She also noticed the paper enough to recognize what information it contained and took it upon herself to protect said information by closing and locking the door. Both employees showed ethical integrity.

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