Nursing Decision Making Discussion

An elderly man presented to the hospital with breathing difficulties and reduced pulse oximetry. His condition has continued to deteriorate until now he is non-ambulatory and is developing pneumonia. He can no longer communicate with the health care team and the decision is focused on whether to put him on a respirator. The physician does not think the respirator would be curative; in other words, she thinks the patient would become dependent on the respirator and would not likely ever be off the respirator. He is a widower and his daughter has been the most frequent family member present at the hospital. She tells the health care team that her father would not want to be put on a respirator, so she does not want it ordered. During the conversation between the health care team and the patient’s daughter, a breathless man comes running down the hall and identifies himself as the older son of the patient. “Do everything for my father. Spare no expense. I want every possible procedure done to keep him alive.”  What is the most appropriate action for the health care team to take? Explain the answer.2 pages, 1 Reference, APA. 

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