HS 210 Broward College Medical Office Management Case Study


Read the following scenarios and write a 500-word minimum (250 words for each scenario) word essay in response to the questions at the end of the case scenario, reflecting and referencing this week’s chapter readings. Be sure to follow APA formatting and include both a cover page and reference page.

Case Scenario 1:

Katherine has two employees who have never seemed to get along. One of the employees has a history of being vindictive and manipulative but never in an obvious enough way for Katherine to have sufficient proof to reprimand her in writing. Then, one day, this employee comes to Katherine’s office to report that she saw the other employee, who has an exemplary record, taking drugs from the supply cabinet. Questions: How does Katherine react to this situation? What steps should Katherine take from here?

Case Scenario 2:

Christine has been a patient of Purdue Medical Center for over 10 years. The office has a policy that all hcopayments must be collected at the time of service; However, Christine has not paid her copayments for her last three visits.

Questions: What should the office do to resolve this matter? Should Christine be denied services for future appointments?

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