Cuyamaca College Medicare Discussion

answer the following questions:

  • Who is eligible for Medicare Part D?
  • Must patients enroll in Medicare Part D?
  • Is there only one “Original Medicare” plan? Or are there more options available depending on where you live?
  • Do you need Medicare part D if you have insurance?
  • Can patients enroll in Medicare Part D anytime or only during open enrollment?
  • Do you have to re-enroll every year?
  • Must someone pay both a copay and coinsurance on each prescription? Or does it depend on what medication it is?
  • What is the Initial Coverage Level dollar amount before you transition into the coverage gap?
  • When selecting a plan what should patients consider other than price?
  • What should patients look at when comparing plans?
  • Who should I talk with before choosing a plan?
  • What is the dollar amount that patients transition out of the coverage gap into catastrophic coverage?
  • Is it more beneficial to have a Medicare plan that also has prescription drug coverage, instead of buying them separately?
  • Is maximum out of pocket enrollee responsibility the same as a deductible, once that cost is paid out the plan picks up all other costs?
  • If someone doesn’t have computer access how can they research different plans and sign up?
  • To what extent as a pharmacist can you help a patient decide on plans without crossing the line of influence?
  • What is the best way to explain how to go through this process of comparing plans to someone, what should they be looking at?

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