Rasmussen University Disease Paper


In your role as the Global Health Consultant for the Global Earth Health Foundation, your organization focuses on review strategies aimed at improving the health of the global population. You are the lead researcher on a team that will be traveling to India and conducting research on a global public health threat, disease, or condition. You will prepare a white paper and share your findings with colleagues, state and federal agencies, and other partners and stakeholders.


You must select a vulnerable population that is globally impacted by a disease or condition. You must do historical research on the interventions and policies for the threat or condition to propose a plan of action. Create a white paper of your findings. Include the following:

  • Outline your team and its purpose: Identify key leadership roles in the field of public health and select at least three public health leadership job titles of those that will accompany you on this trip as part of your team. Explain why their role is important to the research.
  • Explain why there is a global need to address the disease. Describe how a needs assessment can help to reach this conclusion.
  • Identify the population and how the disease or condition impacts the population.
  • Identify access to care challenges and disparities faced by the population (poverty, education, politics, infrastructure, cultural challenges, etc.) that are present, and make recommendations.
  • Identify additional public health threats that have been caused or may be caused if the disease or condition is not addressed and explain initiatives used to mitigate any threats to global public health.
  • Discuss historical public health intervention milestones that have been made to help treat the threat, disease, or condition. Include the origin of the intervention and background of established policy, including any key historical leaders.
  • Discuss how systems thinking can be used to approach this scenario and how it can help find a resolution.

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