New York University Community Based Participatory Research Discussion

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Community-based participatory research (CBPR), is a partnership involving the community, community members, academic research and organizations approach to research. An example of the CBPR is the issues of diabetes in the Native American communities. Diabetes is a cardiovascular disease that occurs when blood glucose is too high. Diabetes affects more than 30 million Americans and is prevalent in people who are overweight and lack physical activity, and smoke. Due to health disparities, the Native Americans experience a disproportionate prevalence of diabetes with an incidence rate of 2.6 times more than other ethnicities. CBPR is used as a collaborative approach to research the health disparity issues by involving partners in research that can identify and processing factors associated with the issues and implement health intervention (Center from Disease Control and Prevention, 2019; Jernigan, 2010).

The intervention within the article was based on the Santa Clara Valley diabetes community action project (DCAP). The interventions were opening a clinic for the community whose goal was to strengthen community relationships and build trust and improve the management of diabetes. Additionally, a community forum on diabetes was created and information was distributed through a flyer that contained health fairs, community social and cultural gatherings. The events allowed the community to share dialogues and their opinions on health needs within the community. Healthy foods were provided at events to promote healthy eating. A diabetes support program was created to help the community manage their diabetes. A challenge to the intervention was that the Indian health center clinic was created for the Native Americans because of the high diabetes rate concerns. However, the clinic was taken over by predominately low-income Hispanics, where less than 30% of Native Americans were utilizing the clinic. However, this situation is a success because Hispanics are a community that has a high incidence rate in diabetes, and it is good that they have access to this clinic, which deemed the intervention a success (Minkler & Wallerstein, 2003; Jernigan, 2010).

The benefit of using the approach is it promotes community collaboration among the community members and healthcare members by building trust. The interventions were successful in engaging the community through different modes of interaction, education, and social change. Also, because of the effectiveness of the clinic, it became open to everyone as a low-income clinic. The clinic also became a culturally safe haven for the Native Americans because of the lack of cultural or community centers for the population (Jernigan, 2010). This approach could be used on obesity, with the same structure including cultural aspects to engage the diverse communities in participating in healthy events, such as support programs and low-income clinics that focus on the management of obesity, which will prevent co-morbidities, such as diabetes.


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