Miami Regional University Childhood Obesity Case Study and Presentation

1)Choose Topic you are interested in (medical field). CREATE A TITLE FOR THE JOB. Choose a nursing theory or theoretical framework that could be used to research your topic of interest. Develop a research question based on your topic [ (PICOT) METHOD may be used].

1.1)Explain the interrelationship between theory, research and EBP. Identify and discuss the research question, sampling and sampling size, research design, hypothesis, data collection methods, and research findings from a study related to your topic.

1.2)Identify the goals, health outcomes, and implementation strategies, if any, discussed by the researcher/s.

1.3)Discuss the credibility of the sources and the researcher’s findings.

Minimum 5 pages. Title page, conclusion page, and reference page do not count toward page total.

References: At least 3 scholarly references no later than 3 years old.

2)Develop a PowerPoint presentation based on your term paper with a minimum 10-15 slides (excluding title, conclusion and references).

Include speaker notes with a minimum of 50 words per slide on the notes; good presentations should not have busy slides.

Discuss how the sharing of data/findings with colleagues relates to Scholarship and Evidence-Based Practice.

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